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Mr. Dramatic

Character: Jodi

Directed by: John Stalberg

Written by: John Stalberg

Cast Members: Oliver Hudson, Rachel Nichols, Katharine Towne, Alana De La Garza

Genre: Short, Comedy

After a series of fruitless relationships, an innocent young woman ventures out yet again into the cruel world of desperate assholes... the social wasteland known as Hollywood, California. On a blind date, hoping to find Mr. Right, she ends up finding Mr. Dramatic... a lonely man afflicted by the bitter pain of living in his own world. Together... these two seemingly pathetic souls discover that someone perfect could really be out there for each of them. Unfortunately... all Hell must break loose in a filthy meat market for this understanding to take hold. It isn't pretty... but neither is dating in L.A.

Notable Mentions
• Filmed entirely on location in Los Angeles, California.
• Was created to mark John Stalberg’s return to directing.
• Was presented at the Tribeca Film Festival from May 25-June 23, 2005.
• Available on Region 1 DVD only, titled ‘Celebrity Mix’, which features additional shorts by other actors.

Script developed by Never Enough Design