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The Lord of Catan

Character: Krysta, Sugar Monkey

Directed by: Stuart C. Paul

Written by: Stuart C. Paul

Cast Members: Fran Kranz

Released date: March 22, 2014

Genre: Short, Comedy

One evening, a young married couple settle in for a nice, relaxing game of Settlers of Catan. But what begins as friendly competition soon becomes heated, ushering in an epic struggle for dominance. Old grudges and hidden wounds rise to the surface, exposing the reality beneath the veneer of their relationship and pushing them towards a final reckoning from which there is no return... for there can be only one Lord of Catan.

Amy Acker plays “Sugar Monkey,” a young woman who comes home from work wanting nothing more than to curl up with her new obsession-the seemingly innocent but highly addictive board game, Settlers of Catan. To all appearances, the definition of sweetness, her magnetic smile hides depths of rage and volatility borne from the pet peeves and unspoken resentments that have accumulated over the course of her marriage.

Notable Mentions
• The character was originally called ‘Krysta’, but it looks like they’re now going by their screen name. [August 2014]
• The film short has won several awards including, ‘Dances With Films’ – 2014 Audience Winner; and ‘Super Geek Film Festival’ – 2014 Best Short Film Winner!
• As well as the opportunity to purchase a HD digital download of the short, a DVD & Blu-Ray copy is also available to buy.

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