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The Novice

Character: Jill Yarrut

Directed by: Murray Robinson

Written by: Murray Robinson

Cast Members: Alan Arkin, Jacob Pitts, Frank Langella, Orson Bean, William Lee Scott

Released date: September 30, 2006 (limited)

Genre: Drama, Narrative

Peter begins having doubts about his calling as a Jesuit priest. Trading the mundane life of celibacy and servitude for a more stimulating one of wife and family begins to look appealing. Giving the priesthood one last try, Peter agrees to work at a mission on the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Life becomes even more confusing when he becomes attracted to Jill, a beautiful volunteer who returns his affections. Because of their circumstances, Jill and Peter find themselves at a crossroads in life; grappling with dreams, faith, and feelings not easily dismissed.

Notable Mentions
• Also known as Crossroads.
• The script was penned in Jackson, Mississippi.
• Filming commenced in 2004 and was completed in 2005; Robinson had been seeking a theatrical release ever since.
• World premiere was held at the Crossroads Film Festival on March 29, 2007; also won the award for “Best Feature Narrative”.
• Was finally released on Region 1 DVD on December 9, 2008 under the title Crossroads — the original title given to the film.

Script developed by Never Enough Design