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The Way It Begins

Character: N/A

Directed by: Chris Wright

Written by: Chris Wright

Cast Members: N/A

“The Way It Begins was conceived from the simple idea that every happy ending has a beginning. We are inundated with the magical tales of “happily ever after”…but what about that first moment? The moment someone took a chance, took that first step? That is the moment I wanted to explore. That moment takes courage and a bit of a leap of faith, not to mention there is usually a very small window of time to make that moment happen. Unfortunately in my case, I have let that moment pass by time and time again, and then would resign myself to the dreaded mind torture of “what if”. It was from those ponderings that, “The Way it Begins” was born. This is the story of “what if”. The age old story of boy meets girl, but told in a unique way — because we decided to tell the entire emotional journey of their relationship through music and dance. Sounds like fun, right? This is not a silent film, and even though there is almost no dialogue, through the incredible choreography, you will feel every butterfly in their stomach, moment of self doubt, and feeling of exhilaration that our couple is going through. It’s not an experimental expressive dance film, but rather a burgeoning love story that follows the emotional journey of two people who meet at random and decide to explore the possibility of love. Set to a beautifully composed score, we will leave it to you to imagine how their story ends, but you can bet we’re going to show you the way it begins.”
– Chris Wright

Amy Acker stars in a short film that reveals what could happen if you just said, “Hello.”

Notable Mentions
• Launched on Indiegogo on August 24, 2015.
• Only 37% of the funding was raised, but it is classed as flexible, so the money still goes towards the production.
• To be filmed on location in Brooklyn, New York.
• Expected February 2016 release date. However, there is currently no word on the status of this project. [July 2016]
• Amy has previously worked with the director & producers on Person of Interest!
• The director emailed an update that Amy was, sadly, no longer starring in this due to scheduling conflicts, but she was staying on as a producer. [June 2017]

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