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‘Fire and Ice’ Images & Info

The official website for upcoming TV movie, Fire and Ice, has been updated with backgrounds, an image gallery and further information on the movie. Thus, I’ve added a handful of behind-the-scenes images featuring Amy to the gallery. Gallery link and previews are below, enjoy!

Also, be sure to click on ‘Read the rest of this entry’ for selected information on the movie, especially since not much was known beforehand. It’s an interesting read!

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Fire and Ice > Behind the Scenes

“Fire and Ice” has all the elements of a classical tale – kings, queens, knights – but it also comes with some innovations: the old hellish beast has turned into a dragon, while Prince Charming, or the hero who saves the day, is now embodied by a princess. Here’s the story in a nutshell: a prosperous kingdom is attacked by a dragon that destroys everything in its path. The king thinks there is no hope and he is preparing to admit defeat, but his daughter, Luisa, with the help of a knight, Gabriel, manages to save the land.

A story like that needed the right cast, so the part of Princess Luisa was offered to Amy Acker, known to the Romanian public from TV shows such as “Alias” or “Supernatural” (currently aired on Pro TV), while the part of Gabriel went to Tom Wisdom, who recently played in the blockbuster “300.” They were joined by Oana Pellea as the queen (Luisa’s mother), John Rhys Davies (“Lord of the Rings”, “Victor Victoria”, “Indiana Jones”, “Shogun”) as Gabriel’s best friend, and Razvan Vasilescu playing a negative part – that of the king’s evil advisor.

The hardest part was to choose the “right” dragon. The producer’s focus moved from finding the right actor to finding the best special effects experts. Mention should be made that “Fire and Ice” is the first production to use CGI (computer-generated imagery) in Romania.

… The shooting for “Fire and Ice” will end at the middle of next month, but the fans of this genre will have to wait until September 2008, when the film will be released in Romania. “Fire and Ice” is the third motion picture produced by MediaPro Pictures within the last six months.

Source: Official Website