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First American Film Ever Shot in Vietnam to Be Released in D.C. Area

The director of 21 and a Wake-Up, Chris McIntyre, has issued a media invition to the Press to view a screening of the film in the DC area; details are as follows. It’s looking like theatres for this movie shall be expanding from the Chicago area very shortly!

Dear Hard Charging Journalist,

If you are available this coming Tuesday evening, December 8th, I’d like to invite you and a guest to a VIP and Press screening of a new film about the Vietnam War unlike anything you have ever seen.

“21 AND A WAKEUP” is the very first American motion picture about the War ever allowed by the Vietnamese Government to film on location in Vietnam.

This is not an anti-American screed, but a fair and balanced look at the war seen through the eyes of doctors, nurses, soldiers and newsmen at the 24th Evac Hospital, the last major Army Hospital in the south to close in ’71 and ’72.

It’s been called “The Best Portrayal of Women at War ever put on Film…”

It dramatizes the heroic daily lives of men and women stationed on major military bases who were not slogging through rice paddies. The daily brutality of the War from a grunt’s perspective has already been depicted in many films, though none shot in Vietnam.

It contains shots from the Vietnamese national archives never before seen in the west.

We have an excellent cast of widely respected actors, including Amy Acker, Danica McKellar, Faye Dunaway, Tom Sizemore, JC Chasez, Wes Studi, Ed Begley, Jr, Ben Vereen, Andre Royo and Tim Thomerson.

We’re screening our film for the first time in DC at 7 PM on Tuesday, December 8th at the beautiful Arleigh Burke Theater in the Naval Heritage Center at 701 Pennsylvania Ave.

“21 AND A WAKEUP” is so unique that I was asked to speak to part of the graduating class at West Point about the film, the first film-maker ever to do so.

I truly hope you will be able to attend.

You may see our trailer and read more about the film at

All are welcome. Those of you interested may RSVP at

It is truly an experience and a film that no one who sees it will ever forget.

Chris McIntyre


USMC ’67 -’71

“Sexy, profane, and heartbreaking…this is truly the way it was…” Major Marvin Wayne