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First Clip from ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

The first footage from the upcoming Joss Whedon production, Much Ado About Nothing, was released last week during the ‘Sunday Morning’ show on CBS, during a feature about The Avengers. It only offers a glimpse, but it’s still interesting to see! An extract from the article is below; unfortunately fans will have to visit the website direct to view the clip.

First, the “Much Ado About Nothing” footage – fast-forward to the six minute mark if you want to take a gander, although the whole video is pretty interesting, especially because you get some quotes from his wife Kai, who seems to be always alluded to but never seen. We just see a couple of glimpses of scenes, including one with “Dollhouse”/”Cabin In The Woods” nerd Fran Kranz spitting verse as Claudio (and Clark Gregg from “The Avengers,” as Leonato, looking on and nodding). Since the movie was shot in Whedon’s home, everyone is dressed in suits, not ultra-modern, but still pretty modern. We also see a bit of a party scene and glimpse another Whedon favorite, “Angel” star Amy Acker, as Beatrice. Apparently the movie was also shot in black-and-white, which probably adds a certain amount of glamorous production value to a movie that was shot in 12 days.

After the clip we see Whedon walking around his house, pointing out where scenes were shot – “The masked ball is all out here,” he notes, clearly proud of both the production and his home.

Source: The Playlist