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First ‘Dollhouse’ Trailer!

Unfortunately, Amy isn’t featured in the trailer either, which makes me wonder if she is featured in the pilot or not. Only time will tell, with the release of new episode stills, as we get closer to the launch date. However, read on for the trailer itself and some previews of the 100+ screencaptures available in the gallery at Eliza Fan. Enjoy!

Thanks to the ever wonderful Dollverse for posting the trailer; related quote is below.

Glen Kasper, principal of Storm Studios, said ?Joss has always been known to create intriguing, very detailed stories and worlds, so it was a challenging assignment to get all the layers and intricacies of the story into a 3 minute trailer”. STORM was cutting the trailer simultaneously as the pilot was being shot, so FOX could get the sneak of DOLLHOUSE out in time for it’s yearly upfront meeting in New York.

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    I sent you my e-mail, I hope you have received. =D
    For Dollhouse, according to the website imdb, Amy appear in 2nd episode but not in the pilot.


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