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First Look at Amy’s characters on ‘Once Upon a Time’

TVOverMind has posted a sneak peek, along with clips, of Amy’s characters from her upcoming guest spot on Once Upon a Time; featuring Astrid and Nova — be warned, the episode descriptions are rather spoilery — hence extracts featuring Amy’s characters have been posted under the cut.

I’ve also added MQ screencaptures from the clips, featuring each character, to the gallery — definitely a different look for Amy! Gallery links and previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Link
Sneak Peek Captures #1
Sneak Peek Captures #2

The March 4 episode of Once Upon a Time, titled “Dreamy”, features guest star Amy Acker, who will be playing a nun named Astrid in Storybrooke. It turns out that the local nuns have found themselves very short of money, with their only income being the sale of some candles. When Leroy finds out about their problems, he tells Astrid that he’ll sell enough candles to earn the $5,000 the nuns need to remain in their rented house. He also volunteers Mary Margaret to help, but she doesn’t think they can raise the money and is upset that he made the promise. She quickly catches on that Leroy has a crush on Astrid, so he’s determined to find a way to help.

Amy Acker will be making a guest appearance as a nun in Storybrooke and a fairy in the fairytale world. But it turns out her fairy, Nova, is rather clumsy. She’s also disheartened when her fairy mentor, the Blue Fairy, tells her that she’ll continue to be doing menial tasks like picking up deliveries of fairy dust for a while, instead of becoming a fairy godmother. Instead, the Blue Fairy calls her a “dreamer”. This jives with the other fairytale story we’ll be seeing, featuring Grumpy and the dwarfs. It looks like Grumpy falls in love with Nova, but their romance is completely forbidden. Like her, he’s very much a “dreamer”. In fact, his original dwarf name as “Dreamy”, not “Grumpy”.