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First Look at Upcoming ‘Grimm’ Appearance

TV Guide has posted a short article with a small still of Amy from her upcoming guest spot on Grimm, which is scheduled to air next Friday, on February 10 — be sure to check your local listings! Thus, I’ve added the still to the gallery; preview to your right & link below (hopefully I can replace with bigger versions soon) and I’ve also posted the related article below. Enjoy!

In other news, the same article has revealed the scheduled airdate for Amy’s other upcoming guest spot on Once Upon a Time: March 4, which I believe to be the 1×15 episode titled ‘Red-Handed’ — I shall keep you guys up-to-date on that!

She’s a serial killer with a secret. Sci-fi fave Amy Acker (Angel, Dollhouse) guest stars on the Feb. 10 episode of NBC’s fairy-tale cop drama Grimm as a spiderwoman who seduces and slays a string of Portland men by sucking out their organs and leaving their bodies mummified. Don’t be looking for some feminist statement here. “This is not one of those revenge-against-men-type stories,” Acker says. “She’s a black widow who is facing a very difficult inner struggle. She’s doing what she must to survive.” To attract her victims, the character goes undercover in various hot disguises, then when it’s time to do the nasty, suddenly sports fangs, extra arms and lots of body hair.

You can also find Acker on the March 4 episode of that other fairy tale series, ABC’s Once Upon a Time — as a love interest for Grumpy the dwarf!

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