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Grand Opening!

Welcome to the grand opening of Amy Acker Fan, which aims to be your ultimate resource on all things Amy Acker, who’s mostly well known for her roles in the hit T.V. series, Angel (as Fred/Illyria) and Alias (as Kelly Peyton.)

At the moment, a temporary version of the site is up & running but I am hoping to launch the full version by next month, complete with a new layout, press archive, media vault, and more. If anyone has any scans, video clips, or artwork of any kind that they’d like to send in, please, feel free to do so. Every contribution will be greatly appreciated.

You may also notice that the gallery is a little bare at the moment — I have decided to work on the gallery last to try and build it up into a good resource which is a little difficult at times, considering images are somewhat rare — but I am planning on making up for that with Angel and Alias screencaptures.

Lastly, I have to thank Gertie for hosting me, Mikaela for donating images from her old site (Amy Acker Central) and Sandra for supporting me all the way. Thanks guys. Feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think. Enjoy your stay here!