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Happy 40th Birthday, Amy!

Happy 40th Birthday, Amy!

The lovely Amy Acker turns 40 today! I truly hope that Amy has a wonderful day celebrating with her family & friends!

I would like to extend my heartfelt wishes to Amy, and you’re welcome to do so yourself in the comments section. There is also a twitter event arranged for today, with the hashtag #AmyAckerDay, so feel free to send your birthday wishes/fanart/etc on twitter!

Also, later on today is the premiere of A Nutcracker Christmas; I hope Amy attends, it will be lovely to see her!

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  1. Happy 40th Birthday Amy!! I hope this day was very special to you! I have never met you but in all of your interviews you seem so sweet and charming! I first saw your film A Novel Romance. You looked familiar, it was Fred!! I have since purchased every DVD to obtain your entire volume of work. You are totally awesome in every role you appear in. You broke my heart and made me cry when Fred died! But it was even sadder when you took the bullet for Harold in Person of Interest! Then you own the role of Sophie in Dear Santa!! You are a wonderful actress and I look forward to all of your future work. I cannot wait to see A Nutcracker Christmas, When Jack Went Glamping, and future MacGyver episodes. Happy Birthday !!! I am a huge fan and wish you nothing but the best for you and your lovely family!!

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