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1 Comment on “Happy Birthday, Amy!

  1. I loved this movie. The stereotypes and the unlikeliness of this even happening at all don’t matter to me. What’s important here is the idea of someone taking the initiative to change her and possibly another family’s life for the better. In her final effort it took great courage and sacrifice when Crystal staked what was possibly her last $10,000 to save the soup kitchen, even after her ‘cover’ was blown (when the letter was shown to Derrick).
    In the real world I believe everything happens for a reason and is by design (you can call it ‘fate’). In my own life ‘fate’ steered me to a woman I otherwise would never have met in a million years, as she lived 15,000 miles from me. Similarly, Crystal and Derrick never would have met if it wasn’t for ‘fate’ and her taking the initiative.
    I cried at the end. Because I was happy that a woman’s fantasy became a reality. Whatever power ‘Santa’ has is supplied by those who believe in him. Amy you were perfect in the role of Crystal. Happy Birthday!

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