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‘Human Target’ Guest Spot!

Amy will be appearing on the season finale of FOX’s Human Target — nice to see Amy in other roles while we wait for Happy Town to start! The airdate shall be posted when it becomes available. Confirmation of Amy’s role is posted below; read the full interview at MovieWeb.

So what’s in store for the season finale?

Mark Valley: Well, in the season finale, Baptiste comes back. Amy Acker shows up and plays this one character who is very pivotal in Chance’s past in that she was sort of the catalyst for his ultimate change into becoming Christopher Chance. Lee Majors is in that episode. Armand Assante plays Chance’s old boss. There’s a couple of major confrontations there. I think, what’s fun, is Jackie Earle Haley and I have our first fight, even though it takes place in the past, but you can see the roots of their relationship and why they have such a trusting bond as well.

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  1. Ooh, that sounds interesting! I’m a bit undecided on the show at this point, but Mark Valley, me likes. Will probably check out Amy’s episode, though!

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