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‘Husbands’ showrunners & stars dish on new series at Comic-Con panel

Team Husbands was in attendance at Comic-Con today, dishing on their new CW content, and Hypable has all the details.

The Husbands panel featured creators Jane Espenson and Brad Bell, and stars Sean Hemeon and Alessandra Torresani. New guest star Amy Acker was also in attendance, fresh from Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, as was Husbands director Jeff Greenstein.

The panel was focused on the new Husbands content filmed as part of a new arrangement with CW Seed, and will premiere in August 2013.

The season 3 episodes will run approximately 8 minutes each, and will come out weekly. At the panel, they announced that in addition to Amy Acker, season 3 will guest star Beth Grant (The Mindy Project, Donnie Darko), Michael Hogan (Battlestar Galactica, Teen Wolf) and Seth Green (Family Guy, Buffy).

The Husbands showrunners could not say enough positive things about Amy Acker, who guest stars in season 3 as Claudia, Brady’s ex-fiance. Bell said “when Amy showed up to read this character, she got it, she nailed it, it was perfect,” and Espenson added, “Amy’s amazing. She can do anything, she can do everything.”

Acker herself said “this is maybe one of the favourite characters I’ve ever played.” Claudia will show up in season 3 when Cheeks and Brady have a formal wedding ceremony (“because the first one was a little blurry,” says Bell).

On this new development in Cheeks’ and Brady’s relationship, Hemeon says “this is the one moment where it starts getting really real.”

The first clip from the new season was premiered at the panel. The clip shows Claudia (Acker), who is being comforted by Cheeks (Bell) after suffering a panic attack. The situation is quickly reversed however, when Cheeks admits that Brady (Hemeon) only just informed his husband of Claudia’s existence.

Husbands was recently featured as our Web Series of the Week. We are eagerly anticipating the new series, so look out for more Husbands content right here on Hypable.

Source: Hypable