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For [Taraji P.] Henson, Acker’s Root, who joined the show as a regular this season, is her favorite character. “She’s the bad guy you love to hate,” she said. “That’s very difficult to play. That’s a fine line to walk and she does it effortlessly. I love watching her. And because she’s so sweet, that’s why you love her. She’s so cuckoo and does it so well. But then you wonder, is she crazy or am I crazy?”
Source: HitFix

How was it playing Mum and Dad to Amy Acker’s Fred?

Amy’s easy-going and friendly and open. She embraced us and she’s younger and she reminds me of my daughter in look and type and everything. What a sweetheart and what a talent! She is so petite and thin and a natural beauty that she sort of fools you with her strength. You talk to her and you think, “How can she be a lead in this television series? She doesn’t have enough voice or presence or whatever.” Then the camera turns on and she turns on like a light! The camera loves her. She’s done really well. – Gary Grubbs

What you see in Fred is Amy in a lot of ways. She is very innocent and is from Texas too. A very genteel young woman. – Jennifer Griffin

In “The Girl In Question”, you got to see Amy as Illyria. Was that a strange experience?

Joss talked about them doing Shakespeare readings at his house and how Amy had read some of the queenly parts and was so regal. She certainly has range, and playing Illyria showed a different side to her. – Jennifer Griffin

What a transformation when she would do that stuff. It was an obvious change for her and she carried it so well. She did that voice thing! I was surprised and proud of her. It showed she was a lot deeper and a better actress than people thought she was. – Gary Grubbs

Source: Angel magazine (UK) issue 9; May/June 2005