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Joss Whedon at Comic Con

Some snippets of Joss’s answers about our favourite actress and the cancelled series, Angel

“Since ‘Angel’ was cancelled prematurely –so far as Whedon and company were concerned– he’d always had ideas for the show’s life beyond season 5. ‘Angel: After the Fall’ is “somewhat derived from what might have been season 6,” Whedon said. It shows what happens after the battle of Wolfram and Hart, and since a comic doesn’t have the same budgetary restrictions as a TV series, Whedon assured fans, “What happened was really bad.”

“When asked what has been his favorite character to write for, Whedon admitted that can change on a day-to-day basis, but at present it’s Illyria. After seeing Amy Acker’s brilliant portrayal of Lady Capulet in a performance of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ Whedon became aware of the actress’ untapped potential. And, in keeping with tradition, Whedon decided the only way to help her was to kill her. He fondly recalls work-shopping the character with Amy and her fellow ‘Angel’ star Alexis Denisof, and made it a point to write most of the character’s dialogue himself.”

Source: Comic Book Resources

“HW: Do you hang out with the Buffy cast as well?

JW: I don’t see everybody from that. I run into some people, Aly [Hannigan] and Alexis [Denisof] I see all the time because they’re dear friends and neighbors, and Tony [Head] was just staying with them, so I saw Tony with Aly and Alexis. And Amy [Acker], from Angel is also a great friend. She and her husband James and their kids were running around our house at the Cape. Some of them, I just run into. Some of them, I’ve kept very close and some of them I haven’t seen at all.”

Source: New York Post