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Livestreams Raise Over $2 Million in Support of Australian Bushfires Relief

As the call to action grew loud to urgently aid the bushfires that have been burning in Australia for months the content creator communities on sites including Twitch, Youtube & Mixer came together to support. On Tiltify, the most popular charity fundraising platform for livestream fundraising, streaming communities of all sizes have so far created over 1000 campaigns to benefit various organizations including WWF Australia, Australian Red Cross, BlazeAid, Global Giving’s Australian Relief Fund, Direct Relief, & Humane Society International. Tiltify works directly with organizations so funds are received by chosen charities in real-time as donations are made.

The numbers continue to grow and in addition to the funds, the awareness created from these viral fundraisers has reached millions. These communities have raised hundreds to hundreds of thousands in a matter of hours. Some of the highlights of Tiltify fundraisers include:

• Jacksepticeye (real name: Seán McLoughlin) – $210,497 in 4 hours smashing his goal of $100,000 averaging $833 per minute;;

• CrankGameplays (real name: Ethan Nestor) – $77,919 in 10 hours. Ethan and friends sang for #KaraokeforKoalas and was joined by A-list actor Jack Black who popped by to lend his voice to the cause;;

• Jacksfilms (real name: Jack Douglass) – $53,554 in 7 hours; Fans were entertained by a ‘shoey’, games and singing taking Jack 5x higher than his expected goal;;

• Nolan North (Uncharted, Destiny) & Troy Baker (Last of Us, BioShock) Led Youtube channel Retro Replay – $52,466 in 6 hours joined by Actors Seth Green, Liam McIntyre, Amy Acker and more;;

To learn more about Tiltify’s fundraising platform, visit

Source: PRNewswire

I’ve set the video to when Amy first appeared, but feel free to watch the full video on the tiltify website!