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New Guest Appearance on ‘Grimm’!

Exciting news! Amy is scheduled to appear on NBC’s Grimm in the New Year as an ordinary housewife, who also happens to be the Black Widow. A few additional details are below, courtesy of TVLine. I’ll be sure to keep you guys up-to-date as the airdate gets closer.

Sources confirm exclusively to TVLine that NBC’s freshman thriller has cast Angel and Dollhouse alum Amy Acker as the fearsome Black Widow.

Just how fearsome is she?

Well, most of the time, not at all — she’s Lena, your run-of-the-mill happy housewife. But, because she suffers from rapid-aging syndrome — wait, that’s not just a soap opera thing? — every five years, she has to leech the life out of three guys in three short days in order to maintain her appearance.