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New layout & revamp in progress

Welcome to the full version of Amy Acker Fan! As you can see, I’ve switched news scripts — to the nifty WordPress — and we have a brand new layout which was designed by the lovely Mycah.

Each section of the site is now online, except for the ‘Press Archives’, but I shall be working on that in the next week or so. I’ll also be expanding on the pages already online — I want to add the content a bit at a time, to give you, the fans, something new to read each time you visit.

Anyway, enjoy your stay here, and I’ll be sure to let you all know when the revamp is complete! Don’t hesistate to leave a comment about the layout on your way out.

7 Comments on “New layout & revamp in progress

  1. Ooh, am I first? I never am first. I am first, aren’t I? How exciting. lol. Anyways, at _last_ you have opened the site!! *_* The design is gorgeous, another beautiful layout by Mycah. I can’t wait to start surfing around!

    I was a bit worried there for a moment that you might pull off an AnnieFan and give AAF away before you even finished it – but you didn’t, and my dear friend, that is _excellent_. *hugs tight* ^_^ Must be off now, ta ta!

  2. Everything looks fantastic! I haven’t seen Amy in anything but it was great to read all about her on your site!

  3. OHHHH! It’s great to see the site online. You have made an amazing work on tis site, it’s just great. And I love the layout, soo cute :D

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