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New Project Confirmed!

It’s a news day, today!

I had previously reported on a possible new project for Amy and IMDB has confirmed this to be The Last Time I Made Straight A’s, which will reportedly begin photography in July, on location in Dallas, Texas.

Amy’s husband, James Carpinello, is also listed as being part of the cast — it would be very interesting seeing these two on screen together!

I also came across an old interview that’s dated September 2008, which confirms the project title; the extract is posted below. Scoot is sure one busy guy!

Jane: What are you working on now?

Scoot: We have two other movies we’re producing. One of them is called “The Last Time I Made Straight A’s,” written and directed by Dave Cole. I’m playing the lead opposite Amy Acker, who was in Alias and Angel [also in Joss Whedon’s upcoming series, Dollhouse]. Also in that is Eddie Jemison, who was in Oceans 11, 12 and 13. And then we have another movie called Frank and Cindy that I’m producing, and a couple of films, The Beautiful Letdown, directed by Jeffery Travis, and an untitled script that we should be shooting in October.

Source: Film Gecko