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‘Once Upon a Time’ Characters & Behind Scenes Pics

Buddy TV has revealed that Amy will play two characters in her upcoming guest spot on Once Upon a Time, as well as touching on Amy’s other guest spot on Grimm — which will air in February — details are below. How exciting!

In other news, you can take a sneak peek at one of Amy’s characters in Storybrook, thanks to a behind-the-scenes photographer. The images are available to view over at Flickr — such an interesting look for Amy! Personally, I’m really looking forward to this guest spot.

Grumpy is getting a love interest. What saintly maiden could Once Upon a Time get to put up with this surly dwarf? According to The Hollywood Reporter, her part will be played by Amy Acker.

Acker, well-known to audiences from her roles on Angel and Dollhouse, will play the characters of Astrid (in Storybrooke) and Nova (in fairy-tale land). Exactly what her relationship will be with Leroy and Grumpy (Lee Arenberg), we will only find out when the episode airs late in the winter of 2012.

This isn’t Amy Acker’s only foray into fairy-tale TV in 2012. The actress will also have a guest-starring role on Grimm in early February. On that show, she will play a Black Widow character. What exactly does a Black Widow do on a show like Grimm? Executive producer David Greenwalt noted, “She has an issue with men that has to be worked out. And it’s kind of a life and death issue.”