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‘Angel’ Season 2 Screencaps

I’ve added HQ DVD screencaptures for the episodes that Amy was in during Angel’s second season to the gallery, although unfortunately, episode 2×19 – Belonging wasn’t on the disc so I’ll have to wait until it’s sent out before I can cap it, though I may well end up buying the boxset before then, hehe. Full list & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
2×20 – Over The Rainbow
2×21 – Through The Looking Glass
2×22 – There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

‘Mr. Dramatic’ Updates

Thanks to the official website, I’ve added a HQ poster and still to the gallery. I also took the time to make screencaptures of the trailer and since I haven’t seen captures elsewhere on the web, I consider this to be an Amy Acker Fan Exclusive, so I ask that you don’t repost them elsewhere (link to the gallery album instead – not directly to the images) thank you. Previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
Trailer Screencaptures

‘Drive’ Episode Details

IMDB has finally listed Drive on Amy’s filmography as well as the name of the first episode: The Starting Line — this suggests that Amy will be in the pilot, at least in ‘flashback’ mode — an interview with Tim Minear backs this up. Excerpts of the interview with are below. Not long to go now.

GEEKMONTHLY.COM: You mentioned earlier that you had to do a lot of reshoots on the first episode?

TIM MINEAR: We’re basically reshooting the pilot, for a whole host of reasons. Again, as you say, the concept is unusual. Now the studio and network were very enthusiastic about the project and they all really love the pilot and they want to give it the best possible chance. That’s why we [Minear and co-creator Ben Queen] rewrote the first act so that we could get into the story a little differently. As cool as that four minutes on the highway was, there really wasn’t anything to hook you in emotionally because there wasn’t anything to hook you into these people emotionally. You didn’t quite know what they were doing and it was funny and quirky and absolutely a joy to look at, but we were creating, at that point in time, a sales tool.

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‘Drive’ Update

Just a head’s up: “Amy will not be a regular on the show (her character is, after all, missing), but she will appear in multiple episodes.” — Ain’t It Cool. Personally, I can’t wait!

And in other news, you can expect screencaps of Angel very soon — most likely season 5 to start with, as that’s the only season I have on DVD, the rest are on VHS, so I’ll have to rent those out.

‘Drive’ PR

Thanks to, we have details of the promotion that’s kicked off (though Amy hasn’t appeared yet) and lots more details of the show, which I’ve posted below. Happy reading/viewing!

Press Release
Entertainment Weekly Winter TV Preview
Watch With Kristin Blog FOX Winter TCA
Just Jared Promos

Drive will premiere in a two-night, three-hour event on Sunday, April 15 @ 8PM and Monday, April 16 @ 8PM.

Click on ‘read the rest of this entry’ for the description of the show.

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‘Angel’ Star Acker Goes Into ‘Drive’

[It looks like Amy will be returning to our screens very soon!]

Actress joins fellow Minear favorite Nate Fillion
January 19, 2007

LOS ANGELES — Tim Minear appears to be rounding up a cast of his favorite stars for his new FOX drama.

It’s being reported across the Internet that Amy Acker, one of the stars of the Minear-produced WB series “Angel,” will play a key role in “Drive,” set to premiere on FOX later this spring.

Acker will play the abducted wife of landscaper Alex Tully, the character played by Nathan Fillion, star of another Minear series, the short-lived “Firefly.”

The series focuses on an underground race across America and is produced by Minear, Ben Queen and Greg Yaitanes. Other actors cast in the ensemble include Kristin Lehman, Melanie Lynskey, Dylan Baker and Taryn Manning.

Acker, the once-and-future Winifred “Fred” Burkle from “Angel,” had a recurring role on late-era “Alias” and also made a guest appearance last season on “How I Met Your Mother.”


Grand Opening!

Welcome to the grand opening of Amy Acker Fan, which aims to be your ultimate resource on all things Amy Acker, who’s mostly well known for her roles in the hit T.V. series, Angel (as Fred/Illyria) and Alias (as Kelly Peyton.)

At the moment, a temporary version of the site is up & running but I am hoping to launch the full version by next month, complete with a new layout, press archive, media vault, and more. If anyone has any scans, video clips, or artwork of any kind that they’d like to send in, please, feel free to do so. Every contribution will be greatly appreciated.

You may also notice that the gallery is a little bare at the moment — I have decided to work on the gallery last to try and build it up into a good resource which is a little difficult at times, considering images are somewhat rare — but I am planning on making up for that with Angel and Alias screencaptures.

Lastly, I have to thank Gertie for hosting me, Mikaela for donating images from her old site (Amy Acker Central) and Sandra for supporting me all the way. Thanks guys. Feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think. Enjoy your stay here!