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Canceled: Drive

If you follow the ratings, surely you’ve noticed that despite Fox’s huge promotional push for Drive, people just weren’t tuning in to the fast-paced drama. While it was up against ABC’s powerhouse Dancing with the Stars, the series didn’t pull in the same ratings as its previous occupant Prison Break. The cancellation is effective immediately and there is no word as to whether Fox plans to air the remaining episodes on the tube or the internet in the near future.


EDIT: The official website has the following posted: “Final 2 Episodes To Air This Summer. Stay Tuned. July 4th, 8/7c”

The Futon Critic has the remaining episodes listed, if you’re interested to see what you might be missing out on. has production scripts if you’re interested in reading them.

‘Drive’ Lands Fox In Third Place, ABC Grabs Sunday

SHOULD EVERY FOX SHOW BE given an “American Idol” launching pad?

A case could be made for Fox’s race-themed ensemble drama “Drive,” which didn’t have “Idol” to offer it a jump-start. That said, Fox wanted to give the show a two-hour premiere, so there were fewer slots put in the show.

Fox’s “Drive” could only manage an idling 2.6 rating/7 share among 18-49 viewers on Sunday night, according to preliminary Nielsen results. Such numbers landed the network in third place for the night. The show wasn’t helped by a repeat hour of “The Simpsons” that ran before it, earning a 2.1/7.

Source: MediaPost Publications

5×09 – 5×12 Screencaps

As promised, I’ve added another 4 episodes to the gallery, adding a total of 409 HQ DVD screencaptures. Expect the rest of the episodes to be added this afternoon (if I have time.) Full list & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
Opening Credits
5×09 – The Horizon
5×10 – S.O.S.
5×11 – Maternal Instinct
5×12 – There’s Only One Sydney Bristow

5×06 & 5×07 Screencaps

I’ve added a total of 132 HQ DVD screencaptures of another two episodes to the gallery. Expect more episodes this week as I would like to get Alias fully capped by the end of the week so I can finish capping Angel. Links & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
5×06 – Solo
5×07 – Fait Accompli

Behind the Wheel With the Cast of Drive

IGN TV: Your fellow Joss Whedon/Tim Minear alum Amy Acker plays your kidnapped wife on the show. Have you gotten to work with her yet?

Fillion: Yes. Yes I have. And this is another one of those cases where Tim Minear and I have worked together in the past, and I’m a huge fan of his work and his talent. And he knows what to expect from me when he’s asking me to come and do the show Drive. He knows exactly what to expect from me. Same in regards to Amy Acker. He’s worked with her before, he knows exactly what to expect, and she’s there for a reason. She’s there because she’s extremely talented and she does such a fantastic job. And again, I’m a fan, so it’s real nice for me to be able to work with people who not only I enjoy their company, but I can really respect their talent.

Read the rest of the interview (opens in a new window.)

• If you missed the premiere episodes, you can now view them online, although unfortunately, people outside the States won’t be able to view them. I shall be adding screencaps very shortly — Amy guest-starred in episodes 1×02 and 1×04.

• The official website also has an extensive recap for each episode for anyone that needs to catch up!

5×03 & 5×04 Screencaps

I’m finally caught up on season 4 of Alias so I’m working my way through season 5. I’ve added a total of 181 HQ DVD screencaptures of the first two episodes Amy guest starred in to the gallery – expect more episodes to be added shortly! Full list & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
5×03 – The Shed
5×04 – Mockingbird

Filmmakers celebrate independence

[Good news! It looks like The Novice may get a theatrical release after all!]

Extract below; view the article in full; visit the official website (both opens in a new window.)

“Telling our stories” is the mantra of the Crossroads Film Festival, a four-day celebration of independent film kicking off its eighth year today.

…Some films even make their debut at Crossroads.

“There’s quite a few that are Mississippi premieres and a couple of world premieres as well,” Snell said.

One film making its world premiere at Crossroads is The Novice, a film written and directed by Mobile native Murray Robinson, a graduate of Millsaps College who wrote the film’s script while living in Jackson.

The film tells the story of Peter (Jacob Pitts), a Jesuit seminarian whose path in life is altered when he falls in love with a flower child named Jill (Amy Acker). The supporting cast includes Oscar winner Alan Arkin as well as acting vets Frank Langella and Orson Bean, who all play priests.

The film was shot in Robinson’s home state of Alabama and financed by local money. The film was completed in 2005, and while Robinson has been seeking a theatrical release for the film, Arkin’s recent Oscar win has brought welcome attention to The Novice.

“When we cast Alan, Little Miss Sunshine hadn’t even gone into production yet,” Robinson said. “None of that could have been foreseen … we were delighted when he read the script and liked it and responded to it.”

EDIT: It looks like The Novice is premiering tonight @ 7pm but if you’re in the area, you can still get tickets — visit the website for more details.

Supernatural Screencaps

I finally got to see Amy’s guest appearance on Supernatural and if I wasn’t already a fan, I’d certainly be one now — usually, actors have certain characteristics that you can spot whatever character they’ve played — but I found with Amy that I could only spot a few, and even then, they were very subtle. I certainly can’t wait to see her role in Alias (I’m almost done catching up on Season 4!)

Thus, I’ve added a total of 271 HQ DVD screencaptures to the gallery. Also, expect some clips, hopefully sometime soon. Previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Link
1×03 – Dead In The Water

Public Appearances

Thanks to my good friend Celyn, I’ve added a total of 047 HQ images to various public appearances. Full list & previews are below, enjoy! Also, I did end up buying seasons 2-3 of Angel on DVD after all, so expect some screencaps very soon.

Gallery Links
Serenity – Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals

The WB Network 2004 All Star Party – Arrivals
The WB Network at TCA
30th Annual Saturn Awards – Arrivals
The Punisher – Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals

53rd Annual ACE Eddie awards – Arrivals/Inside
The WB Network 2003 All-Star Celebration

The WB Network 2002 Summer Party
Fox Emmy Nominees Party (new album)