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‘Person of Interest’ EPs tease Season 4

Relevant extracts featuring Amy’s character, Root, is posted below. Be sure to read the full article at Zap2it — be aware, there will be minor spoilers if you haven’t yet viewed the season finale.

“Person of Interest” Season 4 will be the season of artificial intelligence, and showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman could not be more excited. The pair essentially blew up the premise of their show during its Season 3 finale, and when audiences return in Season 4 they’ll find main heroes Finch, Reese, Shaw and Root in a completely new world.

But that world might not be so different from our own after all. Zap2it spoke with Nolan and Plageman about the season finale, what’s in store for Season 4, the real-life situations they’re basing their AI predictions on and whether or not Root and Shaw will actually consummate the fan-favorite ‘ship.

I think the bigger twist was that it seems like you guys are throwing the procedural conceit out the door at the end of this season and our heroes have now lost their identities. Have you figured out yet how you want the show to move forward in Season 4?
JN: Yeah, absolutely. We like being reckless, but always with a plan. That was our pact with the audience, was that we would be reckless with them a little bit in terms of the risks that we take with the characters and the storylines, but that this was always going somewhere. This show has always been headed towards this season’s finale, and headed out of it, we know exactly where we’re going. There will be some fun surprises along the way. But one of the things that we were most excited about three seasons in is we had these superhero-like figures, but for Reese and Shaw and Root and Finch, their lives have been somewhat simple until this point because they just get to do the cool part. They just get to be the heroes.

They haven’t, until this point, been saddled with being real people. In superhero terms, they haven’t had to have their secret identity. Finch has dabbled in it over the years, they’ve all had fun playing at being one person or another, but they’ve never been locked into those identities. As Root put it in her closing voiceover last night, in a world in which everyone is watched, stamped, indexed, numbered, the only outliers are the people who don’t fit that mold. So our characters now, in addition to figuring out how to save the world and save someone’s world in New York every week, will have to figure out how to masquerade as real people. That, I think, proved irresistible to us as a writing challenge — and hopefully as an acting challenge for our amazing cast in terms of adding that new dimension to their roles.

I don’t know if you guys know about ‘shipping —
GP: What? What is that?

JN: Don’t be coy, Greg. You’ve been teasing the ‘shippers all season.

We have to talk about Root and Shaw, because I think a large group of fans really want those two characters to have some sort of romance. Is there any hope for those ‘shippers?
JN: That is the storyline that launched a thousand ‘ships.

GP: Raw? Shoot?

JN: Yeah, we haven’t decided which name we like for that ‘ship. We love the chemistry of those two together. It’s just hilarious and fantastic. It’s clear that Shaw is slowly coming around — or being less pissed off — with Root when Root flirts with her. I don’t know, Greg. Where is that storyline going?

GP: I don’t know, but it sounds really exciting to me.

JN: You’ve got to be careful with “Person of Interest” when you’re rooting for your ‘ship to set sail. It’s usually in a tragic fashion, so file that one under “be careful what you wish for.”