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‘POI’ Season 5!

As you may have heard, Person of Interest has indeed been renewed for a 5th season, however, it is only 13 episodes long. This has lead to speculation that the show will suffer the same fate as The Mentalist last year, which was cancelled after a 13 episode order for season 6.

There’s no news on the airdate just yet, except for 2016, but rest assured, I shall keep you guys updated on any news or developments! Be sure to also check out the site twitter for the latest news & retweets!

While CBS has renewed Person of Interest for another season, it was given a reduced order – not the full 22 episodes that has been customary. And when CBS announced their fall schedule today, Person of Interest was not on it, revealing it will be held for midseason, all of which is making many wonder if this means the series is going into its final season.

At CBS’ Upfront press event this morning, I asked CBS president Nina Tassler what she could say about whether Season 5 will be the end for the show. Tassler revealed it was at least a possibility, replying, “We’re having those conversations with the team right now,” noting going into the new season of any show, they discuss the plan for the new year with the executive producers.

“Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman came in and pitched really terrific ideas for the new season,” she remarked, but regarding if this will be the end, “We have to see.”

Tassler added, “It’s always been a really smart, creative show. If it is [the final season], then we’ll have a great ending.”

As for how many episodes Person of Interest: Season 5 will be, like the other midseason shows on CBS, Tassler said that decision was also still being made.

Source: IGN