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To Live and Thrive in LA Starburst (UK)
Amy Acker The Face (UK)
Chasing Amy Dreamwatch (UK)
The Chosen One Buffy Magazine (UK)
Fred Time Stories SFX (UK)
Right Said Fred Cult Times (UK)
Amy Acker FW (US) - 2002
Angel’s Amy Acker Sky Magazine (UK)
Angel! FHM (International UK Edition)
The FHM Reporter Girl: Amy Acker FHM (US)
Ten Minutes with Amy Acker Dance Spirit (US)
Catch Her If You Can OK! (UK)
Sci-Fi Siren Zink (US)
Stars & Their Pets In Touch (US)
The Goodbye Girl Angel Magazine (US)
Bullet Points Alias Magazine (US)
The End of the Affair Buffy & Angel Magazine (US)
She's No Doll Sci Fi (US)
Much Ado in Santa Monica Vanity Fair (US)
The Making of Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing Backstage (US)
Angel cast and creators reunite for 20th anniversary of beloved vampire drama series Entertainment Weekly (US)
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