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Q&A: James Carpinello

I came across a fairly recent Q&A with Amy’s husband, James Carpinello — who, as you may know, is currently starring in the Broadway play, Rock of Ages — and towards the end, the questions touch on Amy and how they met; a few extracts are posted below. It’s a lovely read and I highly recommend reading the Q&A in full.

You’ve mentioned your wife [actress Amy Acker] several times now. How did you meet?
Through mutual friends who were waiting tables together and thought we should get together. I went to a party at her house with a group of people, and the rest is history.

What was it about her?
Well, here’s a picture [he shows off a snapshot of his gorgeous wife], sooo that was the first impression. But I had also been in some relationship doozies before her. A best friend of mine said to me, “You can’t marry the crazies.” And there was something about her—she comes from Dallas and is so sweet and level and genuine and centered—that was everything I hoped that girl would be for me. You know how you have an idea in your head of what you hope it will be like when you’re in love, but you never seem to quite find that girl? Well I met her. And then I almost screwed it up!

Oh, you know—as soon as I met her, someone I had been with before called out of the blue and almost screwed it up. But luckily [Amy] stuck with me, and I’m thankful for it everyday. We’ve been married six years.