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‘Sironia’ Screening at 2011 Austin Film Festival

There’s an article at which briefly mentions that Sironia is one of the films selected to appear at this year’s Austin Film Festival in the ‘Texas Independents’ category — Amy has a small role in this film. The official website for the AFF states that it will be the world premiere & there’s a synopsis available; posted below.

Real life singer-songwriter and co-writer Wes Cunningham portrays Thomas, a man who has been chewed up and spit out by the Hollywood music machine. A once ambitious musician, he impulsively moves with his pregnant wife to a small town called Sironia, Texas in search of authenticity and purpose in his life. While there, he gladly joins the ranks of the locals including his brother-in-law and Texas socialite sister-in-law. As time passes, he grows more and more frustrated with his life, sinking further and further into failure. Denying the help from the people of Sironia, including his close friends and loving family, he slips into alcoholism and despair only to be saved by his own music.

The AFF opens on October 20, 2011. Hopefully, Amy shall make an appearance!