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‘Sironia’ Waco Theatre Run & DVD Release

It looks like that Sironia shall be released in local cinemas from September 28, 2012 & on Region 1 DVD on October 16, 2012 — can’t wait! The relevant extract from the article has been posted below.

The irony hasn’t escaped director Brandon Dickerson: He won’t be present at next week’s long-awaited Waco screenings of his film “Sironia” because he’s working on a new movie.

“I’m so bummed,” he said in a recent phone interview from Los Angeles, where he’s doing pre-production work on his next film project. “But I couldn’t be more thrilled it’s in Waco.”

More than two years after Dickerson and his crew completed filming the Waco scenes for “Sironia,” the finished movie gets its local close-up.

There will be a 7 p.m. Thursday showing in Room 101 of Baylor University’s Castellaw Communications Building, as part of the Texas Independent Film Network series.

After the screening, at around 9:30 p.m., Wes Cunningham, the lead actor, composer and performer of the film’s songs, will play in concert at Common Grounds coffeehouse adjoining the Baylor campus.

The film’s weeklong theatrical release starts Sept. 28 at Hollywood Jewel 16 Cinemas with a question-and-answer session with actors Cunningham and Stella Otto after the 6:30 p.m. Sept. 28 and Sept. 29 screenings. Dickerson’s heard some good-natured grumbling about how long it’s taken to get “Sironia” to Waco, but he says critics are missing the point: It may have taken two years, but Waco gets the only theatrical run the movie will have. On Oct. 16, the film goes digital, with an iTunes, Video on Demand and DVD release.

Source: Waco Tribune-Herald