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‘The Cabin in the Woods’ Details

Last project update of the day!

First off, there’s an article in the press library that you may or may not have read which explains how Amy got involved with The Cabin in the Woods in the first place;

They hadn’t found someone for a part and it was a couple of weeks before they started shooting and so [Joss] called and said, “So we can’t find someone for this part and we start in a few weeks and can you do it?” And I’m like, “Hey. Anytime you can’t find anyone I’m available!” [Laughs.]

And secondly, you may have read the news where Amy confirmed that The Cabin in the Woods is a creature feature i.e. it does contain monsters, but there’s also another interview at SCI FI Wire with Amy’s Dollhouse co-star, Fran Kranz, that offers a little more detail on Amy’s role without giving too much away. It certainly sounds like a movie not to be missed!

Kranz—who, like Acker, starred in Whedon’s Dollhouse—added that The Cabin in the Woods has two different components: There are the kids in the cabin, but also a group of adults (Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford and Acker) in a separate subplot.

“It was like two totally different movies,” Kranz said. “The way it was shot or just the scheduling of the filming, I was sort of around. There was about a couple months with all the kids, and then there was about a month or so with the adults. I had a little extra to do, so I was in Vancouver while they were doing that. If you went on set, it was like a totally different movie. It had a whole different feel to it.”