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‘The Energy Specialist’ Update

Long time fans of Amy may remember that Amy filmed a movie called The Energy Specialist with Joshua Dov & Timm Sharp way back in 2001, but there wasn’t any information available about this movie, until now!

It looks like the director may have found a distributor since there’s a detailed information page on IMDB & it states that the movie is in post-production. The synopsis is posted below; extra information can be found on the filmography page. We also learn that Amy’s character was called Claire. Hopefully we’ll get to see some production stills & such like soon!

The Energy Specialist is about what you do after college, when you have spent most your college days partying. After graduating from U. Mass Amherst, Dev Teller (Josh Dov) decides he’s going to “live a little” before embarking down any career path. So he sticks around his college town of Northampton, where he gets a job blowing insulation for a ragtag company called The Energy Specialists. Dev becomes good friends with his co-worker Curran (Timm Sharp), who moves in with Dev, when his girlfriend Sheila (Layna Fisher) kicks him out.

Dev and Curran light up the small town, getting drunk, smoking weed, tooting coke, going to strip bars, getting in fights, and just hanging out playing guitar on the front porch of their dumpy house. It gets to be a little bit too much for some of Dev’s more serious friends, like Stacey (Juliette Morgan), who threatens Dev with an intervention. Dev gets in trouble with Vic (Matt Skollar), his best friend from Amherst College, after sleeping with Vic’s girlfriend Claire (Amy Acker), who Dev has been flirting with all along.

One year after college, pretty much nobody wants to have much to do with Dev, including the bartenders. It’s Curran’s mother (Elizabeth Ann Townsend), who inspires Dev to interview at People Magazine in NY, which he does. And to Dev’s surprise he gets an entry level position as a fact checker. Dev leaves his college town behind and moves to New York to start his new life, leaving Curran on the front porch.