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‘The Lord of Catan’ Theatrical Trailer & Captures

The director, Stuart C. Paul, promised a theatrical trailer of the film short The Lord of Catan, starring Amy & Fran Kranz, upon reaching the first fundraising goal of $25,000 & the goal was reached! View the trailer on YouTube or below the cut; HD captures have also been added to the gallery for your viewing pleasure.

In other news, the fundraising goal of $30,000 was reached 2 weeks early!! An extract of the director’s thanks is posted below. Since there’s still time to back the project (13 days to be exact!) who knows what the final fundraising goal will be!

“Wow. That just happened.

You guys are amazing. The love and support you have shown this film is stunning. I am humbled. Grateful. Excited.

I’m also reminded why the Internet rocks.

Some of you are fans of Fran and Amy. Some dabble in the Catanian mystery schools. Others just like to support independent art want to stick it to the man.

I guess the rest of you just thought what we’re doing looks cool.”
– Stuart C. Paul