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‘Warehouse 13’ Spoilery Recap

I’ve come across a detailed & spoiler heavy episode review of Amy’s guest spot on Warehouse 13 last week, for fans to catch up on Amy’s appearance; relevant extracts have been posted under the cut. Happy reading!

“Amy Acker is really good at alternating between sweet and happy and possessed and murderous, I have to say. Her artifact problem could have easily been ridiculous in the hands of another actor, but Acker makes it just sinister enough to creep viewers (and Myka) out.”

… Sure enough, three artifacts have been shipped from Brother Adrian’s fake address, one each to a loved one of the agents: one to Pete’s ex-wife Amanda (returning guest star Jeri Ryan), Myka’s sister (Amy Acker), and Claudia’s brother Joshua.

… Meanwhile, Myka is visiting her pregnant sister Tracy, who has a weird green electricity thing going on with her eyes that she doesn’t seem to notice. In between catching up and fawning over her nursery, Myka attempts to neutralize all of the baby shower gifts, to no avail. She does manage to stain a white sweater set, though, while Tracy is busy making some poisonous tea.

… Back at Tracy’s house, Myka is trying to explain away the baby clothes damage while Tracy keeps pushing her to drink the poisoned tea. It spills as Myka struggles away to answer her Farnsworth and the tea melts a hole in the carpet… Myka is quickly distracted from Pete’s problem when she notices Tracy took a giant kitchen knife off the wall.

… Meanwhile Tracy goes after Myka with the kitchen knife but has to settle for tormenting her emotionally after Myka ties her to the crib with monkey stuffed animals. Possessed, Tracy attacks Myka’s appearance, singlehood, and high school dork status while Myka frantically searches for the artifact. I wish this episode allotted more time for Myka’s inner conflict here; it can’t be easy for her to revert back to her high school role of “the unpopular sister,” but there’s no time for dwelling on internal problems.

… Pete helps Myka finish up her artifact hunt; they go through the trash from Tracy’s baby shower and find this weird ribbon hat (Myka says it’s a dumbass baby shower tradition) with an old-timey cord wrapped around it. The cord doesn’t react in the neutralizer bag, but they realize they have to cut the cord (Get it?), which does the trick. Myka comes up with a bunch of odd excuses for the mess and for Tracy being tied to a crib, and she and Pete take off. I hope we get to see Tracy again when she’s not possessed by an artifact.

Source: Blast