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If you have a contribution of anything Amy-related, I’d be very happy to add it to the site; they are always welcome and are very much appreciated. Full credit would, of course, be given. A list of what we are looking for is below:

Amy photos: magazine scans (will always be wanted; new or old publications), event images, photoshoots, screencaptures, and anything else you can think of!
– No candid/private images of Amy going about her daily life, thank you.

News on Amy: new movie projects, public appearances, talkshow appearances, online interviews, etc.
– No gossip on Amy’s personal life, thank you.

Amy-related fanart: desktop wallpapers (in any size), digital drawings, sketches, blends, icons, forum banners, and anything else you can think of!

As mentioned above, full credit would always be given if your contribution(s) is added to the site. Ready to send your contribution(s) in? Please follow the guidelines below.

• Email me your contribution(s) as an attachment to the email itself, preferably zipped, especially if you are sending more than one file/the files are large.

• You can also choose to email me your contribution(s) as image links; meaning they have already been uploaded to a free host (such as WeTransfer) and I am able to download the images from those links.

• Please use the subject Amy Acker Fan Contribution in your email(s), otherwise it may end up in the junk mail folder. And please include your name, email address, website (if you have one) and any source(s), especially where images are concerned; do not simply list Google, thank you.

• And lastly, I will be using your website URL to provide the credit. If you do not currently have a website, I will point the credit to your email address, unless you ask me not to, which would make the credit an unlinked name in bold.

Thank you so much for your cooperation — your contributions help to keep Amy Acker Fan running!